thumbs up for express js and sideways for quo vadis

I've just been checking out some stuff lately and have been dying to try out express.js, which is built on the node.js framework. It is easy to use, super fast, and very cool. I highly recommend it for a lightweight and snappy front-end.

Also, I am finally making the jump to Rails 3.2, and for that reason am porting my entire gmgpulse app, complete with new auth layer and switching from prototype to jQuery. It's a lot of work but will pay many dividends. Essentially I am paying off some existing technical debt and moving the whole enterprise back into the black! I am trying out a very simple and effective auth gem called 'quo_vadis' but currently it has a problem with the 3.2 release so I am crossing my fingers that the guy who manages the gem will merge the pull request soon - it has already been fixed. I figure since I have about 30-60 days before it needs to work, I may be all right.

UPDATE: The gem owner has merged the pull request, and quo vadis is back to 100% functional with Rails 3.2 (as of gem v1.1.2). I give it a full thumbs up now as well - simple, straightforward, easy set up, everything you want in a simple password auth system. There is no support for outside services - FB, or google, or open id, etc. - but sometimes you don't need that and it just creates unneeded complexity.